Homemade Chai Tea

Sean loves chai. But chai mix that tastes great, and is not too expensive, is a rare find! Our friend Caleb makes his own chai so we asked him how he does it. He approximates his recipe so we developed our own exact measurements as we followed his general directions. It turned out great!


6 cups of water

2 black tea bags

2 bay leaves

1 cinnamon stick (about 3 inches long)

1 nutmeg chopped in quarters (it’s helpful to use a very sharp knife and have the nutmeg resting on a towel so it doesn’t go flying when you cut it)

1 cup of sugar (can be adjusted according to taste)

~ Bring ingredients to simmer. Simmer until the tea mixture is just a bit stronger than you want. Remove nutmeg, leaves, and cinnamon, then let cool.

Add milk to taste. We used about 4 cups.

1-chai_tea_creativelyus Ingredients. You can use any sort of black tea.

2-chai_tea_creativelyusThe pot with the nutmeg, bay leaves and cinnamon.

3-chai_tea_creativelyus Simmering! It smelled soooo good!

4-chai_tea_creativelyus Make sure you remove the nutmeg, leaves, and cinnamon stick!

5-chai_tea_creativelyus Mixing in the milk.


Homemade chai! Sooo good!