Person of Interest


I have the privilege of designing many of the graphics used for our church’s message series. The graphics are used as the title slides for PowerPoint as well as a header image on the bulletins. This design is for a series our pastor is beginning in February, titled “Person of Interest.” The sermons will be focusing on some of the lesser-known individuals in the Bible.


The design project I was working on had outlasted my interest and completing it had become a chore. Food being one of the great motivators in my life, I grabbed some yogurt. As I tried to get those creative thoughts going again, I thought about how boring yogurt had become since they started pre-mixing the fruit instead of leaving it in the bottom for the consumer to stir. Yogurt needed something to bring the excitement back into the experience. I thought, if I had my own yogurt brand, I would do something different to make it stand out from the others. I would have all the fruit crammed to one side! Then I laughed at how typical that mentality can be among marketing people – they’ll ask you to defy the laws of physics (yeah, I know fruit on the side would settle to the bottom) for the sake of the most insignificant change, and they act as though that minuscule change is a catalyst for some new and wonderful product.

Originally this was sketched on a Post-It note, but then I recreated it in Photoshop CS5. I experimented quite a bit with my new Wacom Intuos5 tablet on this project too.