The Force is Strong with This One

For us this is the season of friends having babies. This project was for a couple having their first baby – a girl. The dad is super into Star Wars, so we figured a Star Wars blanket was a must. Sean went to the fabric store to help me pick out fabric. We ended up with the great fabrics below – blocky Star Wars and an adorable hot pink and white polka dot.

starwars-blanket1To tie the two sides together more we decided to add contrasting fabric hearts to both sides of the blanket. I’d neve done appliqué work before so I was really hoping it’d turn out. I put a fusible interfacing on the back of the heart, pinned it to the corner, and then sewed it on with a zig-zag stitch.

starwars-blanket2 It turned out pretty well! This is the back of the appliqué that ended up inside of the blanket. I had a couple glitches that I had to figure out as I did it, but it ended up coming together really well.


Star Wars heart on the pink side.

starwars-blanket4 Pink heart on Star Wars side.

starwars-blanket5 Here are a couple pictures of the finished receiving blanket folded up. Finished size is 41.5 by 42.25 inches, so it’s not quite square.

starwars-blanket6Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!