Wallpaper Illusion

I’ve had this idea for a while, but wasn’t sure how best to implement it. I wanted to create a desktop background that matched up with a design on the wall so it gave somewhat of a “window” effect, but I definitely didn’t want to paint the wall or do anything else permanent. My solution was static-cling material used for temporary wall decals. The on-screen part was created in Adobe Illustrator. (Sorry for the poor photo quality – the lighting in our office is kind of low.)

The graphic is designed to match the wall at our eye level when seated at the desk. While it doesn’t show this in the photos, the color of the background and lines match the wall and decals almost perfectly. It actually takes a lot of tweaking to get on-screen white to match the color that “white” really is when it’s lit by a few incandescent bulbs in a green room. Yay for tons of courses in color management and theory – they finally made themselves useful.

Obviously the graphic won’t line up at every angle, but the effect works surprisingly well even when you first walk into the room. (Hey, it got Kristine to say, “Whoa, that’s cool!” when she first saw it. And that, right there, made this project a success.)